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Tip #10: Budget!

As soon as you start planning your big day set aside a chunk of your wedding budget for entertainment. All of our previous couples have told us how important it has been for them to have live entertainment for their wedding day. Live music ensures your guests are entertained and keeps them talking about how special your day was for months after. Factoring entertainment into your budget at the start means that you will have a much better shot at getting just what you want. Added bonus – by starting early you will have the pick of the best artists. Check out our budget buster blog on how to save some extra cash along the way.

Tip #9: Reflect your personality!

Your wedding entertainment should first and foremost reflect the things you both love. Whether that’s your favourite music or your love of a great party, when booking your wedding entertainment, you need to go with your heart. Finding the perfect entertainment that suits you both is as important as finding the perfect venue or the perfect dress. Don’t settle for any old band or DJ just because they are a typical “wedding band”. Find an artist that reflects your taste as a couple. Chat with them and make sure you gel and are on the same page about what you want for your big day. You might find a band that reminds of a gig you went to together or a band that can rock that one song you both love. Either way, it should fit your personalities and make you both excited to dance the night away.

Tip #8: Book early!

Booking early is so important when planning your big day. Once you have a date and a venue set you should begin to research live entertainment straight away. The most popular artists can get booked up to two years in advance so starting your search early will ensure you have your pick of the best. We recommend you start researching your band about 18 months before your big day if you can. Maybe you guys met on a night out and now you have your heart set on the band that was playing. Don’t wait around. Secure your favourite artist early before someone else does.

Tip #7: Book off peak!

Fridays and Saturdays during the summer and around Christmas are by far the most popular dates for weddings. These are the times artists are in high demand. Not only are they busy with weddings, many of our artists travel for gigs abroad, play festivals and are snapped up pretty quickly to play corporate Christmas parties. If it works for you consider booking off peak. Not only will you get lower prices and more choice when it comes to entertainment you may get a better deal with all your suppliers. Maybe even chance a weekday wedding. Realistically who wouldn’t love a Monday off work to celebrate a Sunday wedding?

Tip #6: Book Local!

When searching for your live entertainment start by looking close to your venue. Our artists are all based in Cork and although they have no problem travelling this does involve charging some extra fees. Try to bear in mind that if the band you book needs to travel to your wedding, their working day can start quite early as they have to pack up all their gear, to drive to your venue, set up, play the gig and then drive back home. It can be quite tiring for the artists, so it is always a good idea to try and book a band that is a bit closer to where you are getting married. Plus if it helps you save some extra cash it’s a win win.

Tip #5: Wedding style!

Think about the style of your wedding when you are booking your entertainment. Your band is one of the big statements on your wedding day and can help you set the right tone. If you are having a particular style or themed wedding, make sure you consider entertainment that fits your vision. If you are having a rustic, boho style wedding you may want a band that can play all your favourite Indie hits. Or maybe you love a party and those old 90s/00s tunes are just what you are looking for. Search for an artist that can belt out your old school favourites. Looking for a more vintage feel? Check out a band that can provide soulful Motown or 70s funk. Match your artist to your atmosphere so you have the perfect band to suit your theme.

Tip #4: Research!

Researching your band is vital. It is a huge leap of faith to book a band you have never seen before. Word of mouth and other peoples experiences are how most couples find their wedding band, but we know how important it is for couples to know exactly what they are getting when they decide to book. Doing your research first is really important. Search for your band online. Check out their videos and tracks to get a feel for what kind of style you want for your wedding day. We work with musicians every day and if the process seems slightly overwhelming simply get in touch with us and we can point you in the right direction. When you have decided on a band that you want to check out be sure to find out where they will be gigging so you can see them for yourself.

Tip #3: More band for your buck!

When you have decided on a killer band for your evening party be sure to check out what other services they can provide. A package deal can work out less expensive than trying to book all your entertainment separately. Most of our artists provide other music services that could give you much more throughout your day. DJ services, acoustic sets for your cocktail reception and soulful singing for your ceremony could all be included in your bands repertoire. All you have to do is ask.

Tip #2: Venue!

Check your venue before you book your band. If you are looking for an 8-10-piece band you must make sure your venue has the space for a band that size. Bear in mind, it’s not just the band that will be arriving. They will have drums, guitars, amps, sound system, lights and will need space to be able to play and entertain your guests comfortably. If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. Our bands have played in most venues around Cork and can give you advice on what size band you should book for your venue. Our musicians are experienced in setting up in many different venues and if you have any concerns about your band fitting comfortably in your venue just give us a shout. We’re here to help.

Tip #1: Make the most of your big day!

The biggest and most important tip we have for you is to relax and enjoy yourself. Remember that it is your day and you want to cherish those memories forever. If you want something extra for your guests while you go have photos done or just take a moment for yourselves why not add a photo booth or selfie mirror to your package. Your guests will be the ones taking most of the photos at your wedding, so these are an amazing way to capture some of the fun and sillier moments of the day. You have worked really hard organising your wedding day and it is so important that you enjoy it. Remember we are here to help make sure that getting hitched goes off without a hitch.

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