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In the last few weeks, we have been hectic rearranging a lot of wedding dates, but rest assured we have not forgotten about all you lovely couples that got engaged in the last year or so. We know that a lot of couples have now started planning and organising their weddings and are hesitant to contact us with any queries during lockdown. We have put together some blog posts that we will be releasing over the next few days and weeks to give you some advice on how to start planning your big day. First up we have some pointers on researching music to suit you as a couple and to make your wedding day extra special.

Choosing the right band is naturally one of the biggest decisions you will make when planning your wedding and during lockdown unfortunately it is not possible to go see bands play to get a feel for their style. This is where a bit of study must come into play. Most bands have social media accounts where they upload videos, photos, live streams, new music and information on what they can provide for your big day. On our website we have videos of each of our bands under their ‘see more’ sections. This is a good way to start filtering through which bands you prefer.

Booking a band for the evening entertainment is important but what about the rest of your day? Thinking about ceremony music, cocktail reception entertainment, DJs, and day 2 entertainment will all become part of your planning. To make your ceremony the most beautiful it can be now is the perfect time to check out some videos of solo guitarists, pianists, or harpists. Background music during your ceremony will add to the tone and beauty of your special day.

The cocktail reception is usually the part of the day when the happy couple is off getting photos taken. You want to relax and enjoy your time together knowing your guests are being entertained back at your venue. A beautiful two piece, a soulful singer or a relaxing pianist are all great choices for this time of the day. Your guests will be mingling and chatting so during this time something beautiful and calming will ensure your guests are entertained while they await your arrival. Check out some of our solo and duo acts here that would be perfect for cocktail reception & ceremony

It is so important that when researching entertainment for your wedding day you find a band that suits your style. However, you also want to be sure that your guests are enjoying themselves. A packed dancefloor is what we love to see. Think about your guest list and look at musicians who will play your old school favourites, upbeat bops and even a waltz for your older relatives and friends. When chatting to your band mention any particular favourites you may have before the big day and the band will always do their best to accommodate your requests. And of course, you will finish out your night dancing and partying along with a pro DJ. DJs make sure you end your night on a high and are there to keep everyone up dancing and having a good time. When researching a band, always ask about a DJ. Musicians will have DJs they have worked with before and would absolutely recommend.

Day 2 is usually the day the newlyweds can let their hair down and relax a little bit more. Get yourself a fun two or three-piece band to keep the festivities going all weekend. Two or three members of your wedding band may even be perfect to carry on the fun the following day by providing a little bit of a different style and setlist all the while making sure you and your guests are entertained during a weekend they will never forget.

Our advice would be to research different bands, artists, and entertainers you think would best suit your wedding day. Start contacting them to discuss what dates you may be thinking of getting married and what they can provide for your big day. When lockdown is lifted and pubs begin to reopen, all artists and musicians are going to be eager to get back out gigging. When it does happen make sure you find out where your favourite bands will be gigging so you can go see them live. They will be looking forward to meeting you as you are them.

We also host one of the biggest wedding band showcase's in Ireland, 'Wedfest' Keep an eye out for the next Wedfest event.

Partybands is an umbrella company that looks after many bands and artists so if you are unsure where to start contact us and we can help point you in the right direction. We look forward to planning your weddings and most importantly we look forward to parting with you at them.

For more info fill out the contact form below! We will send you a brochure and more information on what we can do!

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