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Bash Brothers



€1000 - €2000

Wedding, Party, Big Band, Function

International, Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connacht


Bash Brothers is the culmination of a massive Galway drum community spawned mostly around the famous drum school Drumadore. Drumadore was created by Eimhin Cradock who learned his craft on the stage with the Saw Doctors and eventually went on to become the director of the Mocnas drummers and also a qualified primary school teacher. Drumadore specializes in performance through drumming. Bash Brothers is the result of this and its members are mostly teachers in the school or students that have been specifically trained in movement, rhythm and choreography. Community is key to everything the Bash Brothers do. Although we usually send out 4 drummers in a troupe our overall number of drummers is vast! We can cater for almost any event as a result. Our group of drummers just love meeting up and drumming and exploring ways to wow people. All of our drummers are experienced and enthusiastic. Some of our drummers such as Cormac Dunne and Eamon Murray bring huge experience as well. People always ask us what is that we do and we always say, “try us”. If it involves rhythm, energy, giddiness, and craic we are up for almost anything. We want you to go wild with your ideas and bring them to us. The more enthusiastic you are about it the more enthusiastic we’ll be about it! Some of our best work so far has been suggested by our clients: rooftops, wild entrances, backing a DJ, crowd involvement, drumming on tables etc etc etc. were all ideas of various clients. Obviously, if you are unsure or if you prefer to be handed off we are more than happy to take charge, it’s totally our thing!!!

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We play a long list of original drum beat. They can be played along to new pop songs, played through our sound system.

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