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Taste The Pain



€1000 - €2000

Rock, Funk, 80s & 90s, Cover Band, Tribute Act

International, Munster, Connacht, Leinster, Ulster


Celebrating the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, spanning thirteen studio albums across forty years, Taste The Pain are an exciting and energetic tribute to the titans of LA Funk Rock! Foregoing the studio recordings, and instead taking the Chillies’ legendary live performances and jams as their inspiration, you can expect an energetic and authentic show that reflects the manic musicality and jam-driven sound of the Chillies at their live peak!
Formed by a number of session musicians (and dedicated Chillies fans) in Cork in 2014, Taste The Pain are constantly refining and perfecting their set with passion, and attention to detail.
If you’re a Chillies fan, or a fan of any good, loud, funky rock music, come check out a show! We’ll do our best to rock your socks off…

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Set List

Taste The Pain Current Repertoire (Chronological Order):

1. American Ghost Dance
2. Me And My Friends
3. Pretty Little Ditty
4. Power Of Equality
5. If You Have To Ask
6. Funky Monks
7. Suck My Kiss
8. I Could Have Lied
9. Give It Away
10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
11. Under The Bridge
12. Apache Rose Peacock
13. My Lovely Man
14. Aeroplane
15. Around The World
16. Parallel Universe
17. Scar Tissue
18. Otherside
19. Get On Top
20. Californication
21. Easily
22. I Like Dirt
23. By The Way
24. Universally Speaking
25. Don't Forget Me
26. Zephyr Song
27. Can't Stop
28. Throw Away Your Television
29. Venice Queen
30. Dani California
31. Snow (Hey Oh)
32. She's Only 18
33. Hump De Bump
34. Tell Me Baby
35. Readymade
36. Factory Of Faith
37. She's A Lover
38. These Are The Ways
39. Whatchu Thinkin'
40. The Heavy Wing
41. Tippa My Tongue
42. Eddie

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