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Hi! Thanks for getting in touch!

Congratulations on up and coming party! 


Please get in touch for a quick chat, we would love to hear more about your big day and what your ideas for the party are! Every event is different and we like to make everyone unique. We are quite flexible and can work to many sized budgets. Please note that the prices in the guide are not final, prices vary depending on location, date and size of venue for the event. We always try to make the event as affordable as possible and work within a given budget.

As requested, here is some more information about ourselves and some of our featured bands, including a price guide. Please get in touch about any bands that you might have an interest in for their showcase performances that you (or family/friends on your behalf) might want to come along to so that you can see them perform. If you do get to come to one of their shows let us know and they could maybe play a few requests for you!


Please note that we work to all size budgets. Let us know your budget for the entertainment on your big day and we would be happy to get you a kick ass act!


Why book with Partybands?


Aside from finding some of the best Party Bands in Ireland and our friendly expert advice, one of the main reasons to hire bands for an event with Partybands is security. We ensure your booking is covered 24/7 against any eventuality, so that no matter what, you can enjoy your event without worrying about whether your band will turn up. If your band is ill or unable to perform, our team will be on hand to source a suitable replacement even out of office hours and at short notice. Imagine having to do that yourself right in the middle of your big day!?


•         We will save you time. If you were to book everything individually it would take weeks of sifting through lots of websites to find what you want. Partybands can suggest to you a few options in each area you’re interested in.

•         We will do all the hard work for you. All your correspondence can be through us, and we will organize the acts you’ve booked.

•         We will do the paperwork. Let the band concentrate on the party! 

•         Security for your booking. Let’s say the worst happened – the band you’ve booked for your reception are suddenly unavailable...due to illness. We are able to sort alternatives in any emergency. We have a huge database of contacts we can call upon.

•         24/7 support. Contact us anytime. Our bands and musicians can be on the road gigging most of the time. You can contact us directly with any of your questions.

•         Best prices. We work a lot with our acts, therefore getting anvil of better prices.

•         Want to have music all day? We can cover it, from pre-dinner drinks reception music (contemporary acoustic and funky covers), to the cool floor fillers after dinner, followed by our full wedding DJ service. Booking our professional DJ service will make sure the party never stops! 



Our bands are the most competitively priced party bands in Ireland. Guaranteed. No other wedding or function bands in the same quality bracket can provided what we do for the price. Our price is determined on location, how many musicians you’d like and services you require. A normal working budget for us would usually be from €1,500 to €2,500 but we do provide bigger bands and packages with budgets up to €4,000. We also have acts and mini packages available from €500 - €1500. A full list of prices can be seen below. Let us Know your budget! We have a great range of acts to suit everyone.  


Customize your big day!

We have a few different options you may like to choose listed below. We understand that every event is different, if you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what we can do to make your big day that little bit extra special. 

DJ Service

We provide top quality professional DJ’s! Not just someone from the band playing a pre-made playlist from their phone. This is the end of your big night, we always advise to go out with a bang! There will be no loss of time spent changing over sound and lighting equipment during the event, our DJ will be set up and ready to kick off the minute the band stops to ensure that your dance floor stays full! Our DJs are some of the best in the business with years of experience on the wedding and club circuit. They will work with the dance floor and have the place rocking. Pick the songs you want to hear, a popular option is to send us your favourite tunes on a Spotify playlist, our DJ can work his magic from there. If you are booking the band we really recommend booking our DJ package as well to keep stresses down knowing that we will be ready switch over with our DJ straight after the band finishes and to end the night on a high.

Popular Packages

After Band (2 hours)                             €470

Before & After Band (3 hours)          €550

All Night (5 hours)                                €700

Kids DJ Party                                          €380

Cocktail Party                                        €400


Vintage Photo Booth, Selfie Mirror & Light up Dance Floor

Take some photos of the party! We have a vintage photo booth which can be designed to fit into any theme. Complete with an attendant, The Vintage Tri-pod Camera comes with Backdrop & Props. The booth takes Pictures, GIFs & Boomerangs and sends them to the guests phones via text message or email. A copy of everything from the night sent to you as well.

The selfie mirror can be set up for the guests to use after the meal. Great way to keep the guests entertained until the band kicks off. Add some sparkle to your night and have your guests bust their best moves on our 20x20 ft light up dance floor! 

Vintage Photo Booth                    €450

Selfie Mirror                                     €450

LED Dance-Floor                           €600

Check out the bands!

We would love for you to come and see our bands play live. If you do get to come to one of our shows let us know and they could maybe play a few requests for you, have a quick chat and answer any questions you might have. Keep an eye on where we organize gigs with our main acts all playing at one event.

Set Times

The bands will play for 2½ hours which can include a short break to suit the requirements of the venue and the event. We recommend a 1-hour set, 30-minute break, another set 1 hour long, followed by our DJ service. This is just ‘recommendation’ we are always very flexible to your needs, and anything can be customized to your plan. The bands will provide an evening’s entertainment and backing music before and during the break.

Wedding Setup 1

8pm Band Arrive

8pm - 9pm  Band & Hotel Setup

9pm - 9.30pm  Background Music

9.30pm - 10.30pm  First Dance / Oldies / 80's & 90's set

10.30pm - 11pm Break for Tea & Cake with Background Music

11pm - 12am Party Set, Crowd Favorites and Singalongs

12am - Finish DJ 

Wedding Setup 2

8pm Band Arrive

8pm - 9pm  Band & Hotel Setup

9pm - 9.30pm  Background Music

9.30pm - 10.30pm  First Dance / Oldies / 80's & 90's set

10.30pm - 11.30pm Party Set, Crowd Favorites and Singalongs

11.30pm - 12am Break for Tea & Cake with Background Music

12am - Finish DJ 

Function Setup


8pm Band Arrive

8.30pm - 9.30pm  Band & Hotel Setup

9.30pm - 10pm  Background Music

10pm - 12am  Band

12am - Finish DJ 

Popular Packages

We have some popular packages on offer with great saving's as well! Check them out below:

Big Wedding Package + €1600 

Evening Band, DJ, Vintage Photo Booth, Ceremony Music & Cocktail Reception Music

Selfie Package + €800 

Evening Band, DJ & Vintage Photo Booth

Band & DJ  + €450 

Evening Band & DJ


If you are having a larger event you may need a larger Sound & Lights System. Please get in touch for more exact pricing. 

Small System (200 guests) - Included in the price

Medium System (500 guests)  + €600

Large System (1200 Guests) + €1200

Wireless Mic Hire - €140

Please note that the prices in the guide are not final, prices vary depending on location, date and size of venue for the event. We always try to make the event as affordable as possible and work within a given budget. Get in touch for more info.

*Holiday dates such as New Years Eve may be subject to price increase.*

** Book For January, February, March and November and receive a €100 Discount! Discounts also available for Midweek Bookings **

*All bands are available for day after events for a discounted rate. *Depending on date & venue* Please inquire for more info.*

*Travel fee will be applied to any events more than 80km from Cork.*

Drinks Reception

We always recommend having some form of entertainment during the reception drinks. Even a small amount of background entertainment really sets the tone for the evening and creates a fabulous warm ambience leading up to the dinner. This could be a one-piece piano, or piano and saxophone or, a three piece ‘Live Lounge’ style acoustic set. Again, it’s totally up to you!

Solo Singer                                     €380

Duo                                                    €700

3 Piece Live Lounge                     €1000


Ceremony Music

Whether you're looking for a classic wedding set list or something a little more alternative, we have a few different options to suit many different tastes and styles. Choose between a female or male vocalist with guitar or keys. We have options to cover all genres of music, be it classic, traditional, modern or alternative. Make sure your ceremony is personal and special!

Keys & Vocal Duo                         €480

Guitar & Vocal Duo                      €480

Solo Singer                                     €380


Booking with Partybands

We would normally recommend booking 18 – 24 months in advance. We would be delighted to help you secure your date. A booking deposit of 20% will secure that all-important date for you. We work on a first come first served basis and cannot hold dates. Dates are only secured when deposit and booking forms are confirmed. If you are looking to confirm a date please get in touch and make sure your date is free before booking.









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I hope this information has helped! If you have any questions, queries or ideas please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can give me a call on 0858187071 if you wish. Thanks again for getting in touch and hope to hear from you soon.

Band Price List

Here are prices of our most popular acts. 

The Guilty Judges                     2400

The Old Moderns                       2400

The Brightsides                          2200

Sparkle                                         2400

The Party Band                         7380

The Offbeats                               3000

Ruby Jude                                   2300

The Last Call                              2200

The Essentials                           2200

The Coolahoops                        2200

The Danny O' Leary Band      2000

The Ill Winds                             1900

The Hired Guns                         1700

The Hollyz                                  2000

The Lightrinners                       2200

King K                                          1700

Kesh                                           2100

The Beatlebums                      1800

Shuffle & Pop                             2200

Long Time Comming              2400

Please note that the prices in the guide are not final, prices vary depending on location, date and size of venue for the event.

The Guilty Judges

The Guilty Judges are the biggest sounding band you’ll ever hear! They play week in, week out and are always at the top of their game. Members of the band have toured extensively with various bands throughout Europe and America. Playing venues such as the House of Blues Las Vegas & Cleveland, the Fillmore in San Francisco and Detroit, The Club Nokia in Los Angeles, The MTV Awards in Belfast, and other clubs in Germany, Spain & the UK just to name a few. They have extensive knowledge and experience performing weddings and functions all over the world, small and large. The have played weddings and corporate functions in New York, Seattle, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the UK.

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2850

Selfie Package                              €3200

Big Wedding Package               €4000 

The Brightsides

Irelands No.1 Indie/Rock/Pop wedding & function band. The Brightsides love high-energy rock, indie and pop music and they love big anthem ‘sing-along’ fun happy tunes. With some of the best and most experienced musicians in Ireland they will have the dance-floor rocking in no time.  They play a lot of indie pop and modern chart music, but also do all the old party favourites, rock ‘n’ roll, waltzes, quicksteps, jives, swing, 80's and 90's to keep all ages happy and on the dance floor. The Brightsides can provide different sized bands to suit a range of budgets. 

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2650

Selfie Package                              €3000

Big Wedding Package               €3800 

The Old Moderns

The Old Moderns are one of Ireland's busiest bands around, from weddings to college balls, pubs & clubs, private functions, you name it they’ve played it. A carefully tailored set-list, a very close knitted band and of course putting on a show you will never forget. They play all the hits to suit every party, old and new, hence where they got the name! The Old Moderns have played weddings and functions in New York, Spain, Uk, France, Holland and Portugal to name a few. 

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2850

Selfie Package                              €3200

Big Wedding Package               €4000 

The Party Band

Want to go big? This is the most exclusive band in Ireland. A band full of high profile musicians, a hi energy show that will blow everyone away.

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €7830

Selfie Package                              €8230

Big Wedding Package               €9000


The 4 members have a wealth in experience of playing festivals in not just Ireland, but Europe too.

Upto90 play up-tempo traditional Irish music along with classic folk ballads & contemporary songs. 

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2550

Selfie Package                              €2900

Big Wedding Package               €3700 


If you're looking for a professional, fun & energetic party band, then look no further! Sparkle will have your guests jumping up & down & singing along to their exciting live sets which includes the very best indie, rock & pop classics from diverse artists such as The Cranberries, Abba, Tina Turner, The Killers, Aretha Franklin, Bruno Mars, Queen and even a few fun surprises from the likes of Gun and Roses, AC/DC and Backstreet Boys! With a wide repertoire,professional experience & on-stage chemistry they are sure to make your evening truly memorable. 

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2850

Selfie Package                              €3200

Big Wedding Package               €4000 

Best wedding DJ.jpg

Ruby Jude

Ruby Jude replicate classic dance floor hits from the sixties to modern day. For example they play Rock n Roll, Disco, Country, Funk, Waltz’s and Pop. Their extensive song list features classic artists such as Queen, Elvis, ABBA, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Tina Turner. They also cover modern day pop performers such as Justin Timberlake, Paulo Nutini, Pharell, Bruno Mars, Adele and Sia.

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2750

Selfie Package                              €3100

Big Wedding Package               €3900 

The Ill Winds ** Great for Day 2 **

These guys always bring the craic playing traditional to contemporary music and everything in between. The band play a wide range of music, all arranged in their own way. They can cover everything from pub feel singalongs to floor stomping modern covers with a traditional twist.

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2350

Selfie Package                              €2700

Big Wedding Package               €3500 

King K

King K  are a rock and pop cover band to hire from Cork but available throughout many areas of Munster.


These five lads hail from Cork and with their repertoire of hits from the 1960s right through to modern day classics they are the perfect ingredient to add to any live event.

Be sure not to miss out on hiring one of the best rock and pop bands currently in the Ireland.

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €2150

Selfie Package                              €2500

Big Wedding Package               €3300 

The Offbeats

This 9 piece band plays covers of your favorite soul & funk artists from across the decades. Ranging from soulful Motown chart-toppers, 70's funk classics, The Offbeats deliver the hits with a seductive groove that will keep you on the dance floor all night long. 

Popular Packages

Band & DJ                                       €3450

Selfie Package                              €3800

Big Wedding Package               €4600 


Melissa's soft soulful voice makes her the perfect choice for your ceremony. Mel will help you with every aspect of the music when it comes to your big day. She will help you choose your songs, hymns and arrangements to help make your day extra special.

DJ Paudie Walsh 

Paudie Walsh – The DJ is a multi award winning DJ and one Ireland’s most in demand entertainers. Voted Weddings Online Wedding DJ of the Year 2018 and 2017 as well as being recognized as a top wedding supplier in many local awards in the South West of Ireland. Paudie is not just any ordinary DJ, he is full entertainment act that will have any party jumping. Paudie is available for Full Wedding night & perfect match for any after band DJ. 

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